Sadness and smiles

Today I attended the funeral of my Great Uncle. He was my wonderful Nan’s younger brother by 14 years and my Great Aunts twin. They now are the only surviving two of six children. Very sadly one of their other brothers only died 3 months ago. So today brought back many emotions which are still so very raw.

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Two weeks into the summer holidays 

Week two of the summer holidays is over already. Where is the time going? It’s been a bit crazy here this week. I had to work three mornings this week but the babies came along with me. It just meant the days flew without us doing much together. I say we haven’t done much but looking over the week we have!

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The Value of Lego Play

Master 5 and I have spent a good majority of the afternoon building Lego from a set he received for his Birthday back in June. It has been one of those activities where I have been saying “In a minute I’ve just got to do this”. Or “When we’ve got more time”. The list could go on and then in return I have been feeling massive Mummy guilt. Now we are into the second week of the summer hols and the children are coming down from school frenzy, we have finally sat down together to do his long awaited Lego.

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