Fun and Easy Childrens Activities

I love an easy creative activity for my children. Often the most simple ones are the most effective. Often they will extend and explore the activity by themselves! Play is so important in children’s learning and development.

I recently did pasta art with Master 5 and he absolutely loved it! We ended up with necklaces, headbands, tiaras and all sorts of other things. What I like about this activity is watching their imagination at work but also encouraging their fine motor skills.

I love this activity! Such a simple activity to set up, just be prepared for it to get messy! By mixing cornflour and water together it creates a mesmerising mixture which is a cross between a solid and a liquid.

This activity takes a little more preperation but is lots of fun. The challenge of setting their toys free is great. Amongst the fun they will also be discovering about liquids and solids, temperature and their senses.

This one is always a winner in my house. It’s amazing how much you can collect from everyday items. Master 5 always quotes Paw Patrol ‘Don’t lose it, reuse it!’ We’ve had musical instruments, robots, worlds, games and many more things made from junk modelling.

Water play is always a winner, no matter what age. This activity is so simple yet will provide hours of fun! We recently did this activity and my children set up a restaurant! Recipes were made, role play set up, lots of language used and an abundance of imagination. Such a simple activity yet so many benefits just through play.

I hope that you will enjoy some of these activities. They are all ones that I have done with my own children and know that they are great fun! Please share any activities you have tried and any ideas that your own children love x

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