Finding ‘You’ time during Lockdown

I hope that you are all well and are slowly adjusting to our new way of life. Finding you time in lockdown for yourself in our new routine of life at home can be incredibly hard. But it is essential for your happiness and mental health. Especially in the difficult and unpredictable times in which we find ourselves. I will confess I am the worst for this and will do everything for my family before giving myself a thought. But this does backfire on me in the end.

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Fun and Easy Childrens Activities

I love an easy creative activity for my children. Often the most simple ones are the most effective and children will extend and explore the activity by themselves! Play is so important in children’s learning and development. I have put together a few fun and easy childrens activities from my experience as a Mummy and my early years background.

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Making Bread With My Children

If you fancy giving bread making a go then follow this recipe! Myself, Miss 11 and Master 5 made this a few weeks ago when we had run out of bread! This recipe which is taken from Sainsburys website, uses plain flour instead of strong white flour. It tastes lovely and was great fun to make. Making bread with my children turned out to be lots of fun!

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My Rainbow Pregnancy: 24 Weeks

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby. My rainbow pregnancy has been filled with such an array of emotions. I miss the naivety of my past pregnancy’s yet at the same time feel truly blessed. Our daughter was born sleeping at 24 weeks so this week I am finding everything incredibly hard.

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