Am I Normal Yet? Review

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Am I Normal Yet? deals with several issues very close to my heart. The core theme portrayed to me before reading was feminism. But to me the true heart of this book was the effects of anxiety and depression on a teenage girl. I know this is a lonely, dark and very scary place to be.

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The night before you start school

A letter to my son the night before he starts school.

To my baby boy on the night before you start school

I can not believe this time has come already. You are only 4 and I am letting you out into the big wide world. Where has the time gone where you were a new born snuggled into my arms, a toddler taking your first stumbling steps or a Pre Schooler chatting away constantly. How I now wish I had savoured each and every moment. I have so many beautiful memories tucked away in my heart but how I wish I could make more.

Tomorrow I will wave you into school with a sadness in my heart but also a flutter of excitement. An excitement for your new adventure, the new memories you will make, the new adventures and new friends. I will send you off knowing that your big brother and sister will be close by and a team of loving, dedicated teachers that we have grown to know and love since your sister started 5 years ago.

As I tuck you into bed tonight it is with a heavy heart that you will never totally be mine again. My beautiful boy starting his own new adventure. But I will always be here when you need me. I will always be by your side and I will always be in your corner. No love compares to that of a Mummy’s.

Go start your adventure baby boy, have fun and enjoy every moment! Mummy will be waiting eagerly for you and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

I love you with all my heart, now and forever.

Mummy x

Twin Mummy and Daddy

How I encourage my children to open up about their day

Do you find it hard to get your children to talk about their day? Find out how I have got my children to open up about their day at school.

“What have you been up to today?”


Does this sound familiar to you? It’s the usual reply I get from my children at the school gate. That or “it was boring”, “not a lot” the list of non committal answers is endless! I, as you do, know that these answers aren’t true. You also know yourself how you feel when you’ve finished a day at work, you don’t want to be bombarded with questions.

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Mummy and Me Diary

Miss 8 can bottle things up. I always know when she’s worried about something as she gets stroppy, short tempered and she’s very hard to live with. It breaks my heart as I just want her to talk to me. Yet often I’m sure she doesn’t always realise something is wrong herself.

Last summer she was having troubles with some of her friends. This always happens at the end of term, Miss 8 and her best friend are getting tired and need a break from each other. I couldn’t get her to talk, however hard I tried, or hubby tried. It makes me feel a failure as a Mummy when she won’t open up. I just want to help and make everything better.

So I bought a notebook. She loves to write so I thought maybe writing down her feelings may help. I’ve always found this a wonderful way of expressing myself and often write down things I don’t actually realise I’m feeling.

Miss 8 and I sat down together, I showed her the notebook and she was very excited. I explained to her what we would use it for and would she like to decorate the front. Which she did with great care and a lot of love. We sat together whilst she did this and we chatted, a very special moment.

On the first page I then wrote, with Miss 8’s help, what our diary would be for. We decided that if she needed to talk about anything, happy, sad, funny, scary, absolutely anything that’s what her diary would be for. We also decided when she felt she wanted to share something she would then leave the diary on my bed side table. I agreed I would write back.

So our Mummy and Me Diary isn’t used all the time but it definitely is used when it needs to be. Miss 8 will write down her feelings and leave the diary on my bedside table. I’ll read, write back and this opens up the way for her to talk to me.

I am so pleased we started this. It is really a great way of getting my baby girl to open up. Sometimes she will write off her own back and other times I may ask her if she wants to write in her diary if I feel something is on her mind.

I’m hoping that our diary will be used for many years. What techniques have you used to encourage your children to talk?

To My Angel Baby 

To My Angel Baby

I never got to hold you, to smell your beautiful baby smell. I never got to hear your heartbeat or feel you move around inside of me. I never got to tell your sister and two brothers all about you or see you wriggle on a scan. I never got to give birth to you, hear your first cries and feel that overwhelming feeling of love.

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Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety

Just when I start to feel that I have put a lid on you, you rear your ugly head. I battle day in and day out to keep you suppressed, then like a switch you are back. Suddenly I start with that gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach that builds and builds. All of a sudden the world is against me, I’m useless and everyone would be better off without me. And all this can happen in a blink of an eye.

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Me before You

I have just finished this book.  Wow! I love to read but recently I just haven’t had the chance. I received this book as a Christmas present and I just could not put it down!

It tells the story of a young man who was involved in an accident, resulting in him becoming a quadriplegic and his carer. 

This book is a web of emotions. At some points I sat in tears and at others amazed at what us humans are capable of. It tells the story of pure human love and the sacrifices we will make to those most important to us.

I would definitely recommend this book. Have you already read it? What were your thoughts? 


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Term time madness 

So we are back into the swing of school life after our six weeks off. I am exhausted. School runs, after school clubs, homework, trips. Then remembering all those forms I need to sign and money that needs to make its way to the office! I don’t know whether I am coming or going and wish we were back in the lull of our beautiful summer. Continue reading “Term time madness “