How to make a Wormery

Master 5 and I decided to make a wormery! The fun he had searching for worms in the garden and also finding other creatures! Find out below how you can make one too.

Post title: How to make a wormery.

What you will need:

  • Worms
  • 2 litre plastic bottle
  • Soil
  • Sand
  • Worm food (grated carrot, veggies, leaves)
Making a wormery.
  1. Cut the top off the plastic bottle about a quarter of the way down.
  2. Make slits in the sides of the top part so it can slide over the top of the bottle and act as a lid.
  3. Fill the bottle with alternating layers of soil and sand. Be sure each layer is moist by sprinkling a little water on each.
  4. Place the worm food at the top.
  5. Have fun searching for worms in the garden. We found this was much easier after it rained as more came to the surface. Don’t forget to look under rocks and pots.
  6. Once you’ve got your worms pop them in the wormery and put on the lid.
  7. Worms like it dark so wrap some dark paper around the bottle so you have a greater chance of seeing them and the tunnels they burrow.
  8. Observe the worms each day by taking off the paper. Ensure that the soil is moist and that they have food.
  9. Don’t forget to release your worms back into their natural habitat after about a week.

I hope you enjoyed making a wormery. I would love to see your pictures and find out what you have discovered x

Post title: How to make a wormery.

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