Finding ‘You’ time during Lockdown

I hope that you are all well and are slowly adjusting to our new way of life. Finding you time in lockdown for yourself in our new routine of life at home can be incredibly hard. But it is essential for your happiness and mental health. Especially in the difficult and unpredictable times in which we find ourselves. I will confess I am the worst for this and will do everything for my family before giving myself a thought. But this does backfire on me in the end.

Post title: Finding you time during lockdown.

Finding a slot in the day for you can be hard. Being a Mummy to 4 ranging from 11 down to 4 months I truly understand this. There is nearly always someone awake, day or night! I’m often on my tablet catching up on TV programmes after the baby has had his last feed late at night. When really I should be going to sleep before his next feed!

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Finding ten minutes to read a book, mindfulness colouring, sitting in the garden, having a bath can be hard. But these times are when you can just reset and clear your mind. I find joining in with crafts with my children can be relaxing. Also disappearing to the bottom of the garden to put the washing on the line by myself (obviously ensuring my husband is there with the younger children)! I find I can’t have a bath in the evening as my baby just wants me. So for me to achieve a peaceful relaxing bath I need to find a time in the day I can leave him with my husband. Finding this time for you is a juggling act and more often than not it is very difficult to accomplish it.

I would love to hear how you find your you time. What inventive ways have you found for doing this?

Stay safe everyone.

Post title: Finding you time during lockdown.

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