My Rainbow Pregnancy: 24 Weeks

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby. My rainbow pregnancy has been filled with such an array of emotions. I miss the naivety of my past pregnancy’s yet at the same time feel truly blessed. Our daughter was born sleeping at 24 weeks so this week I am finding everything incredibly hard.

Post title: My rainbow pregnancy: 24 weeks.

I have spent the past few days reliving our daughters labour, birth, meeting her and spending time with her. It’s such a confusing time. My heart feels shattered from the pain of losing our baby girl yet at the same time I have our precious rainbow tucked safely away in my tummy. I know our daughter is watching over her baby brother or sister and is always with us.

From the start of our rainbow pregnancy I’ve felt fear, excitement, apprehension, love, guilt, joy and every other conflicting emotion in between. Its so incredibly confusing. Every appointment we have I feel sick and the anxiety is overwhelming that something will be wrong. Sometimes I feel as though I’m living on the edge. I’m still grieving for our precious girl, as I will everyday until I have her in my arms again, yet I feel blessed that she has handpicked a precious baby brother or sister for us.


So my pregnancy at 24 weeks: My morning sickness finally ended at around 20 weeks. My biggest struggle physically at the moment is my tiredness. 3 children, work, mummy life, grief and being pregnant is a huge recipe for exhaustion! I’m thinking of taking early maternity leave as I’m struggling so much and feel I need to get my head prepared for this little Bubba. I feel like I’m growing by the day so normal things aren’t as easy anymore!!!!

So that’s a brief insight into reaching 24 weeks with our precious rainbow baby. Thank you for taking the time to read x

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Post title: My rainbow pregnancy: 24 weeks.

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  1. Huges congratulations i know how you feel with mixed enotions. I lost two babies abd have two more who are now 5 and 7. U wish you all the best with your pregnancy journey X #thatfridaylinky

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