Gloop Play

One of the most popular activities I have found with my years of child care experience is Gloop play. So today I decided to make some. All you need is cornflour and water and you have a messy, sensory activity with hours of fun.

Miss 7 likes to be busy and she can flit a bit from one thing to another. But this afternoon we mixed up the ingredients together and she sat for a long time just feeling the gooey mixture.

G gloop 3

When you mix the cornflour and water together it creates an unusual mix. It’s not solid and its not liquid. As you run your fingers through it, it has a firm consistency but separates like water. You can then watch it move back to where you separated it from and it creates a firm mixture again. This is where the fascination happens!

G gloop 2

Miss 7 sat in the garden this afternoon feeling the mixture between her hands. She spread it up her arms and sat mesmerised by the feel and consistency of the mixture. She thoroughly enjoyed this activity and it was such a pleasure watching her completely engaged.

The beauty of this activity is that it is simple to set up (although very messy to clear up) and interests a variety of ages. What messy activities have your children been up to?

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