Five weeks into the summer holidays 

Five happy weeks have been and gone. Just one week left until the chaos of school descends upon us.

Last weekend we began helping my sister and her fiance decorate their new home. All hands were on deck even some of the smaller ones! He’s always so eager to learn what others are doing!

On Monday we visited the park near our old house. The children were so excited about going to our ‘old park’. We had lots of fun and I felt a sense of peace re visiting a place with many fond memories. On the way we drove past places we used to visit and spoke about things we used to do. It made me feel very nostalgic.

On Tuesday our four year old niece came for a sleepover. We had a dvd night with pizza and popcorn and lots of excitement!

The next few days saw lots of playing, visiting family, playing with the hose with lots of water fights! It has been very very hot this week!

On Friday Master 2 had his very first trip to the cinema. We went with my mum, sister, brother and nephew. The babies were so excited and Master 2 was a star. He loved Finding Dory.

So another successful week of our holidays. Just one week left. Poor Miss 7 has been tearful most bedtimes saying she doesn’t want to go back to school. I feel the same so I am struggling to boost her. I’m trying really hard and am fighting against that niggle in my heart that tells me that this is all wrong. I still remember that feeling vividly and just want to stop it for her.

So here’s to our last week of freedom. To being together and having lots of fun. A chance to be us, to forging close family ties. I know it will all still be there, we will just have to work a little harder for those special times.

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