The Value of Lego Play

Master 5 and I have spent a good majority of the afternoon building Lego from a set he received for his Birthday back in June. It has been one of those activities where I have been saying “In a minute I’ve just got to do this”. Or “When we’ve got more time”. The list could go on and then in return I have been feeling massive Mummy guilt. Now we are into the second week of the summer hols and the children are coming down from school frenzy, we have finally sat down together to do his long awaited Lego.

To be honest as I sat there building these little models with Master 5 I realised the huge learning potential from such a well loved activity. Following instructions, fine motor skills, number recognition, counting, problem solving, social interaction, concentration, the list could go on. My favourite part though was spending uninterrupted quality time with him. Plus being able to really watch him being engaged in what he was doing. Watching his little fingers work to fit the parts together and watching in awe as he figured out the instructions.

We had a break for dinner and then before bed we finished our activity. By this time Miss 7 wanted to take part. They negotiated between themselves and decided that I would explain what piece they needed, Miss 7 would find the piece and then pass them to Master 5. Myself and Master 5 then put the pieces together. By this time we have now added turn taking, negotiations and working as a team to our list!

It always amazes me how such a simple, fun activity can have such beneficial learning Skills. At school these skills would be broken down into separate activities. Of which they may not necessarily hold the interest and concentration of my little man as they have this afternoon.

So a fun afternoon spent with my bubba! Plus we have finally constructed a pretty impressive car and truck! What creations have you and your children made lately with Lego?

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