Another Tooth Gone!

Miss 7 has just come running down the stairs with a big toothless grin and a little white tooth clenched firmly between her fingers! She was closely followed by Master 5 who preceded to inspect her mouth thoroughly! He can’t wait to loose a tooth but has no signs of it happening anytime soon. So he is grasping onto his big sisters excitement!

She is now back, tucked up in bed with another tooth gone. Extremely excited that she will be having a visit from the Tooth Fairy again! I’m not sure how she will be eating tomorrow as the two next to the lost one are still yet to make an appearance. I’m sure she will manage somehow!

It amazes me how children love the whole process of loosing their teeth. From that very slight wobble where they are desperate for it to move. To wobbling the tooth and seeing great delight in the adults close by going to jelly over how the tooth actually manoeuvres in the most bizarre ways. Then the tooth finally coming out and the whole excitement of a visit from the Tooth Fairy. To then keep playing with the squidgy hole that the baby tooth leaves behind. And then finally getting a big tooth!

As adults we would probably freak at the whole process. But to our wonderful, amazing ever curious children it is a very exciting part of their childhood.

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