One week into the summer holidays 

The babies have had a whole week off already in their 6 week summer holidays. We have had so much fun this week and just being with them has just made me extremely happy. Finally the tiredness from each of us is dispersing and the loving sibling relationships are returning in full force.

We began our holidays with my youngest turning 2. My little man is 2, I can not believe it. We celebrated the day with a family trip to Colchester zoo. When I say family there were 15 of us in total. It was a great day seeing the animals and having several stops for tea and ice cream! But most of all seeing my 3 babies having a fantastic day!

On Tuesday we visited Hanningfield visitors centre and met with my cousin and 5 of my cousins children. We followed the Wind in the Willows trail and at each character we found, the children each did a rubbing of the character. Aside from the trail the children ran,  climbed trees,  played games, fed the ducks and had a wonderful time in the woods. The children ranged from 2 to 13. And do you know what? They played beautifully together all day. Not one argument, just children being themselves, playing and having fun. The older ones looking out for the younger ones while the younger ones enjoying watching and learning from the older ones. As a result lots of happy children!

On Thursday we signed up for ‘The big friendly reading challenge’ at our local library. The children came away  with arms full of books and their little books to record the books they will read. They need to read 6 over the summer and as they read them they receive pictures from different Roald Dahl books. Then at the end they receive a medal and a certificate. I then proceeded to spend the afternoon with Master 5 learning about alligators! Which then followed onto varying documentaries on under sea creatures that we were able to find! Hence a very informative afternoon!

On Friday we spent a lovely day at Barleylands Farm with my mum, sister, brother and nephew. Another day full of family and fun!

We’ve also had days at home just playing, painting, drawing, making dens, spending time with their neighbourhood friends and just doing the the things children love and should be doing.

What have you been up to?

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