My truly inspirational friend 

In the early hours of Saturday morning my dear friends mum passed away after a very sudden illness. Saturday was also my dear friends wedding day.

A thousand conflicting emotions must have been running through her. None of which I could possibly imagine. How can life be so cruel? Somehow my dear friend married her now husband. Hence a very bittersweet day. My friends wedding day should have been the happiest of her life. But instead her vows were said not with tears of joy but heartbreaking tears of sadness.

As we watched my dear friend walk down the aisle clutching onto her sister there wasn’t a dry eye in the church. As each and everyone of us watched on, our hearts broke for the kindest, sweetest person you could meet as she walked to the man she loved. Amongst her deep, raw grief she somehow managed to dress, have her hair done, arrive at the church and walk down the aisle to this man. That is what you call true love.

Standing at the Alter her sister, and soon to be husband, held onto her tight. Each supporting the other and ensuring that their lives would become complete, despite the horrendous turmoil of grief swirling around them. To me love and family are truly amazing. We must hold on tight to them and cherish every moment together.

This day will stay in a special place in my heart forever. My friends inspiration and bravery was paramount to us all. Seeing first hand the deep raw emotions of the day and how those around us will always come together in our time of need. But most importantly how very precious our family and friends are. We must remember to treat them always with love and respect. But most importantly we must never forget to tell those closest to us that we love them.

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