Six weeks into the summer holidays 

Six weeks of our summer holidays have been and gone. Six weeks of fun, family time, water fights, days out, the odd squabble here and there and just being together. I’m so going to miss my babies.

This week we have been up to a lot of the usual; playing, seeing friends and family and simply enjoying the last few days before term starts again.

On Tuesday we went for an explore around Hylands Park. We wondered around the gardens enjoying the sun with Miss 7 and Master 5 exploring through the trees and finding animal holes. Then they were deciding which animal could have made them. Master 2 simply enjoyed sitting in his pushchair and seeing the ducks! Of course we finished up having an ice cream before heading back home!

On Wednesday we went to our library as the babies had finished their books for the ‘big reading challenge ‘. They were extremely proud to leave with medals and certificates.

Thursday saw as visiting Nanny, Great Nanny and getting new school shoes for Master 5. Of course we left the shop with the latest shoe that has a secret compartment with a toy inside!

On Friday we had family over for lunch. It was a lovely afternoon being together.

Our last day of the holidays, Sunday, we visited a farm. We had a blissful day just us 5. Hubby has been working so much lately that we have seen very little of him. So we ensured that it was just us, spending quality time together having fun! And that’s just what we did.

So the holidays are over. We have thoroughly enjoyed our six weeks of us. Six weeks of fun. Weeks of downtime and now it’s back to reality…..

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