Term time madness 

So we are back into the swing of school life after our six weeks off. I am exhausted. School runs, after school clubs, homework, trips. Then remembering all those forms I need to sign and money that needs to make its way to the office! I don’t know whether I am coming or going and wish we were back in the lull of our beautiful summer.

Miss 7 has gone into year 3 and movedover to the Junior side of her school building. Week one she was wrapped up in the excitement of something different, new teacher, new classroom, catching up with friends. The second and third week has brought tears, tummy aches and separation anxiety. It breaks my heart watching her sob going into school. It goes against everything I’m supposed to do as a Mum. I’m supposed to protect her and make everything better.

Master 5 has settled back ok. To begin with he was not impressed that the only time he was allowed to play was at break time. He’s 5, what has happened to the importance of learning through play? The transition from reception to year 1 he has found hard to adapt to. But the last week or so something has just clicked in regards to his reading. He has been really struggling with the whole reading thing. But it is as though all of a sudden something has clicked. Another point to children learning when they are ready. He has had a year of forced learning, but now he wants to do it and is ready to do it he is coming along in leap and bounds. Such a shame he had to spend his reception year being forced daily to do something that he just was not ready for.

Master 2 has begun Pre School this term. My baby stepping out into the big world, by himself, for the first time. This brought a mountain of conflicting emotions. Excitement, fear, happiness, apprehension to name but a few!

So how has your new term been?

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