Welcome to my first post of 2017. I always find a new year brings mixed emotions; Excitement of a new year, a fresh start, resolutions. But on the other hand reflection on the year we have said goodbye to, apprehension of new challenges.

The start of 2017 hasn’t been the best so far. Hubby had food poisoning new years day, Miss 7 is being treated for tonsillitis but could possibly be glandular fever and Master 5 is also on anti biotics for tonsillitis. I am really struggling with my anxiety levels and can not seem to find how to cope.

I feel part of my anxiety levels being heightened is due to finding my place in life. Myself and hubby have had some discussions lately about our families future. Two big decisions have been made. Not to have baby number 4 and not to home educate the children. I am really struggling to come to terms with both of these decisions as they are both so important to me. But after much discussion, tears and cuddles at the moment neither are right for our family. Somewhere in this new year I need to find a way of putting these to rest and seeking out my next challenge, my next route to take.

So ten days into the new year what is your next challenge? What do you hope to achieve with the fresh start of a new year?

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