A week with my babies!

So this week it has been half term! A week with all three children at home! I personally love having my babies at home but I know that many struggle during holiday time. Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy and I often tear my hair out. But there’s just something about having all my babies home together.

February half term is often a hard one. The weather is still cold, the children are tired after that first dreary half term back after Christmas and more often than not the pennies are a little tight. So this year I decided to plan a little (and I really do mean a little!). Since Christmas I have been ensuring that any money the children have received from kindly relatives I have put away in a pot. It was amazing how quickly it mounted up. This meant that they could have a few treats rather than me doing the same old things. Which usually leads to them getting bored and restless. It also meant that any money they were given was put to good use not just dwindled away on sweets and junk!

We began the week with a trip to our local soft play with friends! A great outing that appealed to each of the different ages of my children from 7 down to 18 months! Although always a hit with the children I always find them overpriced. Especially when I have to pay full price for my one year old!

The rest of the week followed with a visit to friends which the children loved, a trip to the cinema (Odeon’s £2.50 showing which is incredible value) and visiting relatives. We managed one day at home mid week which we all survived as I had kept them well entertained!

So after a manic week I was really looking forward to a nice quiet weekend with hubby and the children. It got to Saturday and hubby had a bright idea about driving into London. My eldest has been learning about London at school and has wanted to see the O2. So off we went in the car. The children not knowing and waiting for their surprise and me with the hump as all I wanted to do was be at home!

But do you know what? Each of us had a great afternoon. We drove to the O2 playing silly games in the car. We literally drove past the dome so the babies could see it and stopped quick enough for me to jump out and take a pic! Then we visited Costa, drove to the Woolwich ferry, passing the Cutty Sark and having a quick toilet stop (which was interesting) and then we drove home. A simple day but loads of fun. And do you know what? It was a great day. Good simple family fun!

So the babies are happy and content after a week with Mummy and hopefully refreshed for their return to school on Monday. I know I should be looking forward to the peace and quiet when they return but I’m really going to miss them. I still get that Sunday night feeling when the children return to school. But now it’s not that I’m returning to school but my children. Only 5 weeks to go until the next holidays….

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