Why I cant let go of having baby number 4

I have three beautiful, amazing children! My Princess and two little Princes. I am blessed to have 3 happy, healthy children but there’s a part of me that feels that something is missing, that my family is not yet complete.

My hubbie feels differently, very differently. He is happy and content with our family and has told me he just wants to be able to sleep again! My maternal instincts are a mystery to him and he just can’t see how a fourth would fit into our family. And yet this is how he felt about having a third!

Don’t get me wrong my hubbie adores our family and idolises each of our bubbas! He’s a fantastic Daddy. Loving, nurturing, fun and has an abundance of patience, more so than myself. These qualities are probably one of the biggest aspects of my craving for a fourth baby. That deep feeling of love when my hubbie is nurturing our babies, taking care of them or looking after them when they are sick. These little people who rely on us so much bringing out these qualities in this big tough man. A man who I love deeply.

So why does mother nature do this to us? Hubbie and I had trouble conceiving our daughter and at one point I could never see myself holding my very own baby. This was all I have ever wanted since I can remember, so naturally it hit me very hard at the time. Now three babies later I have everything I have ever wished for and yet I still want more. I feel so selfish feeling like this but there is a part of me that is absolutely desperate. I love being a Mum and I love taking care of my babies and seeing them grow and develop. The unconditional love we share as a family is beyond words. And to watch my babies look after each other is amazing.

So why do some people just keep wanting to extend their family? For me it’s about my babies always having someone, being part of a loving family, looking after each other, sharing happy, sad and anything in the middle times. A loving kiss, a hand to hold, just being together. To me that is what life is about. Family. A loving, caring family. One which I am blessed and thankful for each and every day.

Do you long for another baby? How big or small is your family? When dd you decide your family was complete?

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