Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my blog. Or should I say my world! I’m just an ordinary Mum like many others out there who have begun their own blog. So why have I decided to begin this venture? Well I think its so that I can have just a little something that is mine, a place where I can talk about what I know and if I can, just to help one person.

So who am I? I am a wife and a mother of three young children.  We have a cat, 3 fish and a hamster. My hobbies are reading, writing and sewing. I am a working mum but am blessed to be able to work around my children. Yet I still feel that Mummy guilt of not being able to do everything right. I have dipped in and out of depression since a teenager, particularly after having my second child. My life is spent trying to juggle being a wife, mother, looking after our home and all that it entails. I am a tea addict and love to while the hours away on Pinterest when I get the chance. We struggle to make ends meet every month but somehow just manage to scrape by. I am a qualified Nursery Nurse or Child Care Practitioner as they are known today.

So that is me in a nutshell! You’ll probably find that the topics I write about will be wide and varied but primarily about family life. Through showing an insight into my world I hope that I will be able to help just one person. Whether that be by giving a bit of advice that will help your poorly baby or just by talking about what we get up to! Or letting someone know who suffers from depression that they aren’t alone. That when you slip into that darkness and can not decipher all those thoughts and feelings that someone understands. But most importantly to hopefully put a smile on a Mummy’s face who has just had one of those days!

So what makes an ordinary world amazing? To me it is my husband and our three beautiful children. An ‘I love you Mummy’ when you least expect it or watching your husband glance at one of your babies with pure and utter love. A Sunday morning snuggled in bed with your family watching rubbish telly or hearing your baby belly laugh over something you’ve said or done. These are the moments that make my very ordinary world absolutely amazing!

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