February Half Term 2019

Half term this year has been a bit of a strange one. I have been with the children all week yet I don’t feel I spent time with them. The goal of the week was to get through to Friday. My precious Nans funeral.

I’ve really struggled with Nans passing being so close to my daughter who was born sleeping in October. I just keep thinking that Nan is looking after her and keeping her safe for me.

I tried really hard to give my children a great half term. But with my struggles, getting things ready for nans funeral and the children being tired from school I’m not sure I did.

On Monday we went to the farm. It was great getting out in the fresh air, feeding lambs and seeing lots of smiles from the children. Typically they spent a lot of time in the soft play! They were happy so I was too!

On Tuesday me and the children spent time printing photos of nan. It was the first time I was able to sit and look at photos of nan. We smiled, laughed and reminisced about her. I feel it’s so important to involve my children. I’m not one for hiding things from my children. They’ve had to deal with a lot just recently and they amaze me every day with their strength. Honest and open on a level they understand is how we work.

On Wednesday hubby had an unexpected day off. So we visited our baby girls grave and then we went to see Lego Movie 2. The children loved it although Master 4 got fidgety towards the end!

Thursday I really didn’t feel well. We spent the day at home aside from an unexpected trip to drop some photos off to my mum. It really does my children good to have time at home doing what they want to do.

Friday finally came round. The day I dreaded turned out to be beautiful and a real celebration of my nans life. Miss 10 came to the funeral and the boys joined us after to celebrate the amazing lady nan was. We gave the children a choice of what they wanted to do. I feel it’s important for children to go to funerals yet at the same time it should be their choice. We spoke to them about what would happen and these are the choices they made. Exactly the same as for their baby sisters.

So a busy week which flew by too quick. I wish we had another week so I could spend some proper time with the children. Hubby ended our week by ripping our bathroom out! Wish us luck on no bathroom for the next week! And so the countdown begins for the Easter holidays!

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