Ten years of being a Mummy

Miss 9 has become Miss 10. Having a ten year old means I now have been a Mummy for a decade! Ten years of being a Mummy! The things I have learnt in this time, the things I never imagined to have happened and how my little family are my world.

Post title: Ten years of being a Mummy.

I always wanted to be a Mummy. My pregnancy with Miss 10 took a lot longer to happen than I ever expected. We needed some help along the way but in hind sight this taught me so much. It made me appreciate every single moment of pregnancy, even when I was feeling absolutely horrendous, it made me worry about the sleepless nights a little less and it made our family unit even stronger.

I feel with your first you learn along the way. You grow together. You are thrown into this world that is nothing like you expected but you cope. You learn how to juggle this new world. Then as each new member of your family arrives you adapt and learn a little more.

Ten years later I am a Mummy to four. Three of my babies I have with me and one in heaven. Now being an angel mummy your world shifts again. To experience this intense heartache not just for yourself but your husband and other children means you and your life will never be the same again. Along with my 4 babies I also experienced an early miscarriage in March 2017. Life can be so very cruel but it’s my hubby and my children that always get me through.

So ten years of intense highs and intense lows and all those bits in between but this is what has made what my family is today. My dream was always to be a Mummy and thats what I have now been for ten years. Parts I wish had never happened, but even with the loss of our daughter, she taught us the true meaning of pure love. And this pure love has strengthened our family beyond anything I could ever imagine.

So a very happy birthday to Miss 10. Thank you for making me a Mummy, for teaching me so much and most of all for just being you.

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Post title: Ten years of being a Mummy.
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  1. Happy birthday! What a lovely post this is you have been through so much and it is important not to forget those memories as they have made you who you are today ?

  2. Ahh happy birthday Miss 10! 10 is a lovely age. No teenage hormones yet but old enough to have brilliant conversations and a laugh with. #thatfridaylinky

  3. Being 10 years old is wonderful a fab age that you can still be really silly at times and nobody cares happy birthday Thanks for linking to #Thatfridaylinky hope to see you next week

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