Why are you so mean?

Miss 8 asked me today “Why are you so mean?”. A question which stopped me in my tracks and tore at my heart. Massively. I walked out of the room wanting to calm down and gather my thoughts before responding.

So our weekend has been tough on the parenting front. Saturday we attended a Christening which was then followed by a full 3 course sit down meal. Hosted must I say in a restaurant which myself and hubby rarely would attend by ourselves let alone with 3 children under 8! My big two were stars but Master 2 had other ideas. Nothing was right, he didn’t want to be there and by the time the first course came neither did me or hubby!

We left as soon as politely possible after the 3rd course and we were drained. It then followed by me and Hubby flopping into bed by 8pm once all 3 babies were tucked up in bed.

So Sunday brought two tired parents and 3 children who wanted to be at home but with that lots of bickering. Don’t get me wrong we played games and read but for Miss 8 where she could find a fight she did today.

Miss 8 and I can clash. We are so alike that at times it’s a recipe for disaster. So not only had the babies been bickering but so had me and Miss 8. I know, I know I’m the parent but just sometimes this parenting can be tough. So after several times of Miss 8 being sent to her room for being rude and answering back I heard those words. “Why are you so mean?”.

I went downstairs, sat by myself, had a little cry and pulled myself together. I then went back upstairs and cuddled my baby. Told her how much I love her but that I want her to be a good person so by telling her off for being rude is my job. We made it up and went back downstairs.

The rest of the evening went well and I went to bed early. Again! So although we had a tough day just by loving each other we come back to each other again. Being a family of 5 always brings some drama but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Aside from the drama there is also a lot of love, laughter, cuddles and someone just to be with.

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