Am I Normal Yet? Review

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Am I Normal Yet? deals with several issues very close to my heart. The core theme portrayed to me before reading was feminism. But to me the true heart of this book was the effects of anxiety and depression on a teenage girl. I know this is a lonely, dark and very scary place to be.

My uttermost praise goes to Holly Bourne the author of this book. The way in which she tells this story tore at my heart. I was at times in tears purely because the way in which she describes the feelings and thought process of someone with anxiety and depression was so true.

Am I Normal Yet? deals with the usual teenage concerns of dating, wanting to be accepted and generally coping with life. On top of this though you see it through the eyes of a girl who suffers with anxiety, depression and OCD. All she wants is to be ‘normal’. But really what is normal?

Evie just wants to be like everyone else, to experience life as a teenage girl without the constant worries, concerns and anxieties she deals with on a daily basis. She longs to just be normal. Holly Bourne portrays this magnificently and many of the dialogues of Evies thought processes could have been my own.

A truly great book for anyone who experiences mental health issues. But also for those that don’t. Thank you for making this very sensitive and often mis understood subject so real. Maybe some of us may not always feel so alone x

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